Wooden Bridge – Science Project

Oviya is in class III – And this is what she did for her science project. The project was to build a bridge model using either wood or plastic or cardboard or metal.

While I gave her the idea to use ice cream sticks and wooden scale and do a wooden bridge, the execution was fully by herself.

Except for cross joints and putting the 3 pieces together, she did all by herself. Sticking, painting without one color touching the other color, etc. She was very excited about doing it herself.

The toughest part was to do it with his little brother playing around. The moment she sticks, he would pull them off. Whatever other toy you give him, he was only attracted towards what his sister was doing. So, she was only left with the time when he would have his afternoon nap.

Over the weekend, one day she did all the sticking and the other day, she did all the painting. The finishing was done on sunday night after putting him to sleep.

It was really tough to put the pieces together. I was actually worried about the outcome and was telling her to leave the steps and place the center portion alone on some small plastic stand over the thermocol base. But, m-seal was of great help and we were able to make it stand on small rods and attach the steps too.

While most of her classmates used cardboard and road bridge for vehicle crossing, she was happy to choose different material and do a people cross over bridge. We didn’t have time and patience to do more painting on the thermocol base. So, the boat and doll were just extra fittings. 🙂


2 responses to “Wooden Bridge – Science Project

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome

  2. Thank u, thank u, thank u. 🙂

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