Happy 2nd Birthday to Ilampozhil

Another year gone and he is already 2 now. Some of his milestones during the last one year are

1. He has become very naughty and we all really enjoy all his mischief’s.

2. I have successfully weaned him of his bottle feed and is in proper regular food habits.

3. I have put him in a play school and he got accustomed to it very quickly.

4. His best friends are his sisters and he really enjoys playing with them. He looks forward to them for all his needs. His sisters also give him whatever he asks for and they are very loving and caring.

5. He is being pampered and petted by everyone at home, and his temper tantrums are on the rise. It is really tough for us to control / convince him, when he throws tantrums. Those are the only times i wish he grows up quickly. Otherwise, i want him to be a child forever.

Wishing him peace and happiness all throughout his life and may the almighty shower him with good health and spirit and joy today and forever in his life.


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