Happy 6th to Panimalar

Photo0510Panimalar turns 6 on 15th Dec, 2012. She has been planning for a long time about her birthday celebrations. She wanted to invite some of her classmates and apartment friends for her birthday party.

From December 1st, she was counting numbers in the reverse order for her birthday celebrations. Daily morning,  her first words after wishing me ‘Good Morning’, would be ‘Amma, only so many more days for my birthday. Wish me advanced happy birthday’.

Photo0492It was so much fun to see her prepare for her birthday. She got the phone numbers of her friends moms, talked to them introducing herself as friend of so and so, inviting them for her birthday party. This time, she choose everything herself. (dress, cake, chocolate, return gifts, etc). She had a great time yesterday with all her friends.  She is a very organized, disciplined, well mannered, innocent kid loved by all at home.

And this was her birthday cake. Barbie doll cake for our little barbie girl on her 6th birthday.

Photo0507Wishing her loads and loads of happiness, joy, good health and prosperity throughout her life.


9 responses to “Happy 6th to Panimalar

  1. Happy Birthday Panimalar 🙂

  2. panimalar is so cute as the barbie doll.. all wishes to her on her 6th bday..

  3. Belated Birthday wishes to Panimalar.. I would say ‘the best happy moments’ of B’day girl and the cake is simply awesome..:-)

  4. தினகரன்

    பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் பனிமலர் .

  5. Happy birthday panimalar chellam ……

  6. Wish a very Happy Birthday to Panimalar. She is so cute and lovely. God bless her long and healthy life.

  7. Thanks to all for all your wishes.

  8. oh ……….convey my belated wishes to her aunty ❤

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