Pozhil’s haircut woes

Photo0697This is his third hair cut after a series of 3 tonsuring done in different temples. The first time i took him to the saloon for hair cutting, he was impressed with the spa and was running around the place. But, he didn’t sit in his chair at all. I had to sit and hold him in my lap and the person has a tough time with his job. Pozhil was crying all the way until i stepped out of the saloon.

The second time was also the same.  I somehow made him sit in my lap, but the moment the hair cutting started, he wanted to run away and started crying. The point is he is refusing to cover him up with the cloth (whatever may be the design in it) and gets frustrated with the bits of cut hair falling on his body. So, again crying all the way.

Last week was the third time, and i was sort of prepared for his temper tantrums. But, this time, they had a kid’s car chair and our boy sat on it quietly. This time too he refused to cover him up, but did not mind the bits of hair falling on him and was happily playing in the toy car. I just breathed a sigh of relief. This time the problem was, even after the job was done, our boy didn’t want to get out of the car chair. Any amount of convincing and bribing didn’t work and i had to forcefully carry him out of the saloon.

Each time it was a different experience and God only know, what he does the next time. 🙂


One response to “Pozhil’s haircut woes

  1. Actually you need to thank Barbershop shop owner as well that he consider kids mindset. Good to hear, actually am eagerly wait for my round to experience with my son…

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