IMG_2738In Nov 2012, we had been on a team trip to ParsnValley – Ooty. That was our 3rd trip in 2012 with Avlanche (feb) and Mahabaleshwar (may) being the first and second. This being by office team trip, i had to leave my son behind, as it is not easy to handle all 3 of them single-handed. Rather i would stay back. So, I left my son with my parents and took only my 2 daughters. I don’t think that will be possible anymore, as he is growing up. 🙂

Anyway, coming back to this trip, ParsnValley is such a beautiful, pleasant, nature friendly, remote place one should not miss to visit. It is a private property owned by one of our colleagues friend. The valley land is surrounded by mountains on all sides, with small streams of fresh clean chill water flowing by, potato farm lands ready for harvesting, with greenaries wherever you look around. Most importantly, no mobile access. They don’t have any land line connection too. You have to walk half an hour up hill to get mobile reach. It is absolutely you and nature all around with friends and kids.

Since we went there in November, the climate was chill during day time with few showers of rain then and there and extremely cold starting late evening itself. We survived it with the camp fire being put on quite early. Starting from the train journey, the bus trip, the games we played (in the train, in the bus and in the camp fire ground), the homely food we ate, the treks, the ‘roja’ dam view, the boating, the tea plantation view, the rain that we drenched ourselves, …. what not, the list is endless.. It was an amazing and very memorable trip all together.


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