Letter to a friend – By Panimalar

Photo0244Panimalar wrote this letter to her friend as part of the birthday gift for her friend. I never knew, this little girl knows to write letters and it was pretty neat and cute. (with lots of feelings).

The content (if you are not able to make it from the picture) :

“Dear aditi, Happy birthday. I hope that your booboo (a wound in her knee) is alright. Thank you for giving me a lot of card. I miss you a lot. I hope even you miss me a lot. But I don’t like you for one thing. that is you didn’t come to my birthday.But don’t forget me. Love, panimalar”

Good work Pani. Keep it up. Way to go.


4 responses to “Letter to a friend – By Panimalar

  1. had to delurk to record the coincidence.. Its my daughter’s bday today and her name is the same as panimalar’s friend. Upon reading this letter I somehow felt that it was written for my daughter by her friend.. Talk about connections 🙂

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