Artsy Craftsy – By Oviya

Oviya is very much interested in arts and crafts in all forms, be it drawing, painting, collage works, origami (she calls it 3D art), clay models, etc. It is very easy to keep her engaged with some origami books and materials needed. Now that holidays have begun, she has lots of time for all these. Only problem is, she is finding it difficult both to do and to maintain it with her 2.5 year old brother around. So, I am recording some of her works here.

Paper lantern – she pasted 2 sheets of paper from an old diary and then did all cutting and pasting.


Traffic police man – cut and paste from some magazine.


Boat houses – she made miniature boats / ships (she calls then boat while her brother call them ship) and then pasting on a paper with background coloring.


A group of frogs in a pond – The swan / duck there looks odd man out. But, she has a story for it. Actually, she will have some conversations written on the frog, swan and will demonstrate a small play with it. It seems, the big frog on the left is the mother and the rest are all her children. Some of her children are hiding behind in the grassland. She further explains that frogs are amphibians and so can live in both land and water. The mother frog is sad that 2 of her children are missing. She has put a fence to show that the 2 frogs of out of reach of site for their mother. The swan / duck there is inquiring as to why the mother frog is sad and then helps her find her children. The End. 🙂


Clown – made using egg-shell and chart. She has placed them on a water bottle cap for balancing.


Parrot – using egg-shell and chart paper. Again water bottle cap is for balancing. In both the egg-shell craft, she has filled the shells with sand so that it is not flimsy and easily breakable and then topped it with candle wax so that the sand doesn’t flow out when we tilt the shells.


A swan / duck with its children. I placed the egg-shell crafts on it. May be she has other plans (build a story) in the sheet that is otherwise empty. Will update if there are any additions to it.


She has placed most of them in the top shelf in the kitchen so that her naughty brother don’t / can’t reach it.

And, most of it will be a surprise for me when i go home in the evening. I really don’t know from where she picks up the ideas. Anyway, good work ovi. Keep it up. Keep going.


4 responses to “Artsy Craftsy – By Oviya

  1. Epitome of patience! Beautiful crafts!

  2. Kalakkara Raji,keep encouraging her. Hope u are doing good. Meena

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