Eagle Eye Holidays – Chikmagalur

IMG_0653This year our summer holidays trip was to Eagle Eye Holidays in Chikmagalur. We were a group of 20 people (11 adults and 9 kids in ages 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3 & 2). Yes. A big gang when compared to our previous trips. It was an awesome trip and we all thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It was a four days trip. The major activities in these 4 days are as follows.

Day 1 : After 2 train journeys for 10 hours and 3 hours of journey in a Maxi cab, we reached the resort by 12 noon. After refreshment and lunch, we went for Coracle ride (in a 40 feet depth – big pond). It was a different experience and some of us even tried our hands to ride the coracle using its arms. Then fishing was another activity that kids enjoyed. We only ended up catching a crab and not any fish. The day ended with music and fun around the camp fire. (All 3 days that we stayed there ended the same way).

Day 2 : After our breakfast, we started on our sightseeing journey in the hill. Since our agenda had only remote non-commercial places, we packed our lunch from the resort itself. After some 2 hours journey, we reached the highest peak in Chikmagalur, called the Mullayangiri peak. This place is one of the best part of the trip with greeneries all around. After a point, we have to walk up the hill. We were almost at mid noon at that place and it was chill and breezy. The breeze was such that our naughty kid V, refused to climb up fearing he would fly away. 🙂 I did not take the risk of climbing while carrying pozhil. So, few of us stayed along with the vehicle that carried us while majority of the gang climbed up.

Then, after our lunch, we reached Jerry falls. Again, from where the vehicle was parked, we had to walk almost 2 km in the hill path, up and down to reach the falls. At the peak of May month, we did not expect more than a thin stream of water. But, on the contrary, the falls had reasonable water and forceful too. Some of us along withe kids drenched under the falls. This was also one of the best part of the trip.

Day 3 : After breakfast, we started our plantation walk (almost a 2 hour walk) around the coffee estate where we stayed. We almost saw a dozen different plantations. Some of them that i could remember are coffee, supari, pepper, cloves, nutmeg (jathikai), cardamom, chilli, ginger, star fruit, butter fruit (avocado), cocoa fruit, etc.,

DSC00866Then, after lunch, we wanted to visit Bhadra wildlife sanctuary which is an hour drive from the place where we stayed. The resort had an open jeep (the one shown in the picture on the right) in which all of us were packed and we started our journey. The sky was cloudy and we were expecting rain anytime. We were praying to the rain god to postpone his shower by 2 to 3 hours. But, nature has its own course. The onward journey was at ease with some drizzling which we all enjoyed. The moment we reached the forest boundary, it stared pouring like cats and dogs. We took a temporary shelter is the portico of a house nearby where we waited for more than an hour. There were no symptoms of the rain stopping and it was getting darker and darker as time passed by. We know for sure we will not spot any wildlife in this situation and our concern was to look out for ways to return to the resort. We packed 4 little kids along with an adult in the front seat besides the drive and rest of us along with other kids took the back seat in the open. While some of us drenched fully, we managed to put the kids in the middle and put a plastic cover on top of the jeep and hold it in 4 corners so that even though the kids got wet, they were not fully drenched like the others. We were like singing “Senthazham Poovil” song on the onward journey and “Vaan Megam, poo poovai thoovum” song on the return journey. It was an amazing jeep journey and happened to be one of the best part of the trip.

Day 4 : Early morning, while few of us who had to carry our kids and the elderly grandmom’s stayed back in the resort, others went for a trek in the hill which was also for an hour or 2. After breakfast and playing some games, it was time for us to checkout and start our return journey. We all returned with our memories still at the hill and it took us sometime to get back to our routine normal schedule. Some more pictures from this wonderful memorable trip.

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3 responses to “Eagle Eye Holidays – Chikmagalur

  1. Sigh! Want to go back there again!!

  2. Lovely pictures. Really have missed the trip to enjoy with you all.

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