Back to School

Photo0252School reopened for my girls from today and i am back to routine.  This academic year, the 3 of them goes to school in 3 different timings.

Oviya is in 4th standard. From 4th std, her school starts one hour earlier in the morning. So, she leaves by 6.50 am.

Panimalar is in 2nd standard. With her class timings remaining the same, she leaves at 8.20 am.

Ilam is in pre-k.g.  He leaves by 9 am. He is in a different school from her sisters. In-spite of two siblings in the same school, we couldn’t put him in the same school as his sisters. Got to try again next year.

With my apartment neighbors moving in / out, I already have a big confusion with mapping / remembering neighbors and their kids names and faces. Now, with 3 different buses at 3 different timings and 3 different sets of students and parents, my list is only growing with kids friend’s and their parents names and faces.  🙂

It is only the starting of a new academic year. With home works, work sheets, assignments, projects and exams in different subjects for all 3 of them (Yes. Ilam has got home works too. His first set of assignments is due to be submitted by Friday), my hands are full for the next 10 months. Happy schooling. 🙂


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