Ilam’s homework

Photo0886Yes. This little boy in Pre-KG has got homework to do. Coloring, tracing, matching, cut and paste (i will do the cutting and he does the pasting with / without my help), etc.

Ilam is very exited about doing his homework. Most of the activities would be like, i will hold his hand and do. But, if he caught the idea of the activity, then he wants to do it all alone himself, like the one shown here. I helped him do the first matching, rest of it were done by him.

Photo0885He had a mini craft work too as part of his homework. Making a rag doll. Steps were given, and we used one of the barbie’s dress for the rag doll. Having 2 daughter’s at home, there are dozens of barbies and umpteen number of dresses for them.

Actually, his sisters are very much interested in helping him with his homework, but this fellow will scream if they touch his books. On the contrary, he want his sisters to be quiet, when he touches their school books. Naughty boy. Still a toddler. So enjoying his privilege. It is actually tough for my girls to do their homework with this little toddler around. 🙂


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