Ilampozhil – Dasavatharam

Ilampozhil is becoming naughty day by day. No two days are the same. One day he will be a very very good boy, while the other day, he will turn the house upside down. There is no pattern and all. Each day is unique. I have just captured few of his avatars. Not just these. He actually takes many more avatars and makes our lives really interesting and challenging to keep him occupied. I can write a series of books about all that he does.

One of the very very good boy moments.

One of the good boy moment

Cycling – Daily evening, he spends 2 hours in this activity


Crying – Terrible Twos Temper Tantrums


Raksha Bandan celebration – Proudly displaying the Rakhi in both his hands from his 2 sisters.

with rakhi on both hands

Swimming – Weekend activity


Sleeping – I should say, sometimes, this becomes one of the hectic task. One can see him drowsing, but he will refuse to lie down or close his eyes and become even more cranky. He once slept off while riding his toy and while i tried to lift him up and put him in the bed, he immediately woke up and went back to the same position in the toy in one corner of the house and slept on it. Almost after an hour or so, i somehow managed to put him in bed.


Praying – one on the good boy moments. Sitting for a group prayer during Ganesh Chaturthi.


Playing with his ball – Weekend activity in the basket ball court.

playing with his ball

Fun in the beach

playing in beach

Our little prince

little prince

He is crazy about wearing new dresses.  His dressing itself deserves a separate post. Will do that later.

Happy Navarathri to all.


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