Social Science Projects

Photo1101Social Science is one additional paper for Oviya from this academic year. It is really fun and challenging to answer her questions about the history and geography of India. She will keep on asking how / why, until she gets a convincing answer from me.

One of her project was to showcase the physical features of India. I just did the outline drawing for her. Along with her sister’s help, she completed the work by pasting the thermocol balls and coloring the left out region. I had to take care of the little boy and keep him engaged with some other work, so that he doesn’t disturb them.

The Outline                                                            The final product


Another project was to build a Himalayan mountain model showing the passes, valleys and rivers flowing through them. We used paper mache and cotton and ended up with this one.

Valley between the mountains.


River originating from the mountain.Photo0958

The final product.Photo0956Photo0955

The main challenge is, doing these projects with an active toddler at home. The girls are really having tough time doing their work in his presence. 🙂


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