School Annual Day – 2014

IMG_0367Ilam participated in a Marathi Lavani dance, as part of his school annual day function. On stage, he had a Dolak tied around his neck and danced along with that. It was so much fun to watch the dance show by tiny tots of pre kg.

National integrity was the theme and there were dances to depict different cultures from north, south, east and west India. The costumes were colorful and was a feast to the audience eyes. Kudos to the teachers who had put so much effort to make the small kids perform well on stage.

Ilam – along with his sisters


Photo1325Now, it was my girls turn, to perform in their school annual day.

Oviya – participated in a fish dance

Panimalar – was one of the narrators in the fairy tale skit.

While last year, i ran about purchasing costumes for all three of them, this year was at peace. The costumes were either hired or we used the existing dresses.

Thus, another peaceful school annual day celebration got over.


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