Happy Women’s day

Photo1345My children surprised me with these cards for Women’s day.

They have been doing these cards for a week or so and kept it secretly in their school bag and gave it today.

Photo1346Some tidbit conversations.

Two days ago, Ovi called me when i was in office and said

Ovi : Amma, please come home late today.

Me : !?!? Why ? (This is unusual of her. She generally calls to find out when i would come home)

Photo1348Ovi : We want some time alone to do our secret card for you.

Then, yesterday night,

Pani : Amma, please you don’t ask me to sleep now. (Time was 8.30 pm then).

Photo1347Me : Why? It is time to bed right.

Pani : Please ma. Tomorrow is Saturday. No school. We want some time for us to do our secret work.

Silence for a while. I was tired and was feeling sleepy. She found that and said.

Pani : Amma, you go and sleep. We will finish our work and come to bed.

Me : So sweet. Thank you for the offer.

Actually, I have no idea when i slept and when they hit their bed. Peace.

Today morning, they gave these cards to me. Ovi did one additional card on behalf of her little brother. Thank you my kids. You have made my day.

Love you 3.



6 responses to “Happy Women’s day

  1. So sweet of the kids Ezhil!

  2. lovely and adorable kids raji.

  3. Lovely kids did a good job. My appreciation to those kids. And belated wishes to you. 🙂

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