Earrings – using paper quills & crystal beads

IMG_0474Ovi and Pani are trying their hands on paper quilling. Apart from using paper quills for their greeting cards, posters, etc., now, they have started doing ear rings using paper quills.

The color combinations and design patterns are purely their imaginations. While they manage to put the small round hooks themselves,  I have to help them for handling the cutter and bender tool, which is not child friendly.

The jimiki above and the below ones were done by Ovi.


The following tear drop shaped ones were done by Pani.


And, we converted the below raw materials



into the below finished ones. The pattern formation was by my girls and i converted them into earrings. These are for us and for our friends. 🙂


We plan to do more during the holidays.



3 responses to “Earrings – using paper quills & crystal beads

  1. Chanceless 🙂

  2. very cute. Please reserve one for me raji.

  3. @santhosh : Thank you.
    @Santhi : Sure. Visit our home and grab your piece. 🙂

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