My Rapunzels hair cut

Photo1465At last, my rapunzels have decided to cut their hair and this is their new avatar. It is almost 4+ years since they had a hair cut. They wanted to grow their hair like rapunzel. Maintaining it was a big headache for me.

Influenced by some of her friends, Panimalar wanted to cut her hair short and the moment she said yes, i took her to the saloon. Looking at her hair style, Oviya also agreed for the hair cut and it is all done. I am at peace.

Panimalar – Before and After


Oviya – Before & After


My darling devils. 🙂



5 responses to “My Rapunzels hair cut

  1. Pretty good new look. What a sudden change! just like a photoshop editing. 🙂

  2. Adorable! That said, those long tresses were beautiful on them too 😐

  3. Thank you Deepak & Vidya.

  4. I am a big fan of long hair.. it was just adorable. Now they look cute and bubbly with short hair!

    If I may suggest humbly, why not donate hair to cancer patients? It will instill good attitude towards humanity at a young age in children. Refer this link in case you are interested in future.

    • Thank you Vidhya. I also checked this link before their hair cut. But, the specifications in that website (length of hair) doesn’t match with my girls hair. My girls have to grow for another year to be able to meet their spec and donate.
      I also checked with other links that accepted lesser length. A known parlor was involved in that cause. But, they had it as a camp for a specified period and it was over. Now they don’t accept.
      So, i just put that thought aside and went ahead with their hair cut. I will consider it for my hair cuts in future. 🙂

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