New school – new beginning

Photo1650This academic year starts in new school for all 3 of them.Hopefully i don’t change their school again.

Oviya – 5th std, Panimalar – 3rd std and Ilampozhil – LKG.

All 3 of them, bright in their school uniform, ready to walk to school, well ahead of their school time.

Any change should be welcomed with the positive notes in it. Here goes our list.

Photo16481. All 3 of them in the same school.

2. School starts at 8.30 am for all, so, my girls are relieved from getting ready for school at 6.50 am itself.  (I also have some breathing time to get them ready)

3. No school bus / private van. We live in walkable distance from school and so, they walk to / from school.

4. (This is my personal one). I am happy to see Oviya in pinafore uniform. I like kids wearing these types of uniform.

And the list goes on… Thus, we are ready for yet another academic year with full of new subjects, home work, assignments, worksheets, projects, class test, assessments, after school games, sports day, annual day, extra curricular activities, weekend extra classes, and so on…

So, my dear kutties, wishing you all the best, for this new beginning.



One response to “New school – new beginning

  1. Chennai-la 5th std and 3rd std la admissions vakirukeengala! unga kaala konjam kameenga :p

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