Bye Bye 2014, Welcome 2015


Another great year is coming to an end. Standing on the last day of the year and when i look back, here are the top things that come to my mind.

1. Kids school change and shifting house nearby – This is a major shift. New school, new syllabus, new set of people around. But, they got adjusted very quickly and easily. Now all 3 of them in the same school.

2. I made 3 trips – 2 with the kids along and 1 trip leaving them behind.

3. Even though kids have grown a year older, they are still as mischievous as they were, and keeping me on my toes. Ilam has grown enough to stay for weeks together in my mom’s presence and in my absence. (this was the trigger for my official trip leaving the kids behind)

4. My office has shifted to a new place (trigger for school and house shift) and i decided to live in the residential apartment within the complex thus completing the golden triangle. (school, work and home within the same campus). I walk to office and kids walk to school, thus avoiding long distance commute. Peace.

5. Stay Fit. Stay Healthy. I have dedicated some time for myself and made it a habit to walk or jog or practice yoga on a daily basis thus resulting in losing around 8 kgs.  (of course with a balanced diet).

Thus comes an end of a happy year 2014. Welcoming the new year 2015 with the same enthusiasm and zeal.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015. 🙂



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