Long way to go

IMG_2053People who have interacted with my 4-year-old son will know how difficult it is to keep him engaged. He is a very active child and needs new new things to keep him busy. From new toys to new food to new books to new games to be played… the list goes on. You have to put your creative thinking cap to find out ways to invent new things for him.
Books can do magic with him. He is very much interested in reading and writing. Will write a detailed post on what all he reads and writes.
Now, he is completing LKG by this month. So, he keeps telling everyone that he is going to UKG in April, which has made him think and write this piece of information in his rough note.
2014, 2015 INTO LKG … and so on..
It took a while for me to understand. But, made me think, OMG,  2026 looks like a long way to go.. 🙂

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