Touched the southern most tip of mainland India

IMG_2804May Day – Holiday – Friday – Thus long weekend. We went all the way down south to Kanyakumari.

I do trips in different combinations.  Sometimes, I travel alone, sometimes with all 3 kids, sometimes with only my son, sometimes with only my daughters. The combination depends on the situation. This time it was me and my daughters. We managed to cover Tenkasi(office, Border parotta kadai, Kasi Vishwanathar temple), Kuttralam (old falls, new falls, five falls), Papanasam (Karaiyar dam & Agasthiyar falls), Panpoli (Murugan temple), Manimutharu (dam & falls) and Kanyakumari (Swami Vivekanandar Rock, Thiruvalluvar statue & Tiruveni sangamam). We had good time.

@Zoho Tenkasi Office.

@ Papanasam

@ Manimutharu


Kids tried some different views to touch the tip of 133 feet Thiruvalluvar statue. 🙂

We did attend a friend’s reception and kids had a horse ride as well as an auto-ride sitting on the hot engine facing backwards.

@Panpoli temple

Finally Kasi Vishwanathar temple


Thus a good start of a summer vacation. 🙂


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