Holiday crafts

My kids are allowed to play gadget games only during semester holidays. But, for this semester holidays, instead of giving them the usual gadgets, I gave them the following books.


The kids enjoyed it and they ended up doing the following.

  1. Merry go round model
  2. stitching woolen mermaid dress
  3. shell painting
  4. paper-folding matchbox
  5. some 3d paper foldings
  6. glitter art
  7. doll dress using grains
  8. dressing up sheep using cotton balls
  9. coloured rice to be used in rainstick percussion instrument
  10. rainstick percussion instrument – this was really a tedious task to punch holes using needle and inserting toothpick to it and then painting it. The end result gives such a melodious sound.

Hats off to my girls. Looking forward to more such interesting works from them during next holidays too. 🙂


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