Ilam – stepping into Primary


For a 5-year-old, this timetable looks very lengthy. While all along these 3 years (preKG, LKG & UKG), he used to come home even before noon, now suddenly, he goes to full day school.

I have been trying to educate him on various things like, eating without spilling food, clean up the desk after lunch, washing his hands after using the loo, finish off poop in the morning at home, and so on..

But, our boy is doubly excited about so many other things. To list a few,

  1. He can accompany his sisters while returning from school.
  2. He has a big boy feeling, considering KG kids as tiny tots.
  3. He gets to carry his favorite back bag to school. And, lunch in a separate basket.
  4. He has 2 break period. One for snacks and one for lunch. (His first question in the morning is, what have you kept for lunch and snacks).
  5. He has separate text books and notebooks for different subjects.
  6. He can take his own new pencil box, a set of pencils, eraser, crayons and notebook.

The list goes on.. Hope the enthusiasm continues in the upcoming dozen years. 🙂



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