Summer Vacation Trip1 – To the Princess of hills

Long pending post in draft. Posting it late. Better late than never. πŸ™‚

We did 2 trips during May 2016. First one was with family to the princess of hill stations – Kodaikanal. I have been there may times. But, first time for my kids and they enjoyed it thoroughly. (Trip 2 – with friends)

The fun and fight starts from the train journey with all 3 of them wanting the same side upper berth, and any amount of consoling / convincing will not work. Finally, I lose my patience and use the last trump card, “Let us get down in the next stop and get back home. Trip cancelled”. I don’t want to say this, but they push me to that extend and they still believe i will do that, and settle down with their berth. πŸ˜‰

The scenery on the way. I think, this is a major stop for refreshment, for most of the trips south of dindigul.


Day 1 :Β  We stayed in a hotel nearby lake and was easy to choose our sightseeing plans. We did local sight seeing covering Kurnji andavar temple, Chettiyar park, Coakers walk, Pine forest, Guna caves, Pillar rock. That one full belt – usual sight seeing belt in Kodai.

Chettiyar park

Coakers walk, Pine forest, Guna caves, Pillar rock.


Day 2 : We did the forest trip on day2, covering Berijam lake and other places on its way.

Day 3 : Checked out, put our bags in baggage counter in the hotel itself, and went around the Lake and Bryant park.

Finally, returned with loads of memory. And the fight for same side upper berth continues in the return journey too. I had to say something else to get them settled. I have become good at saying on-spot stories to convince my kids. πŸ˜‰Β  How many ever trip we do, this fight for the same side upper berth in the train, will continue to exists. I see that as an indication of my kids being kids. Please don’t grow up my darlings. I love you all for what you are.




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