Summer Vacation Trip 2 – To Shevaroy hills

The second trip (first trip) was during the third week of May with our magalir-mattum group. We have made many trips in the past and each one is unique and memories to cherish. Happy to have a group of like-minded friends who would put aside anything, if we plan for a trip.

We made a last-minute plan and so settled with Yercaud and booked a bus for the travel.  This time, the group was 19 members (12 kids and 7 adults). For most of our travel with kids, we will settle with a resort with indoor games, nice food, lot of open space, pool and so on.. The time is spent roaming around, taking photos, chatting, eating and playing cards.

Some more photos

It was a total fun and looking forward for more such memories. 🙂


3 responses to “Summer Vacation Trip 2 – To Shevaroy hills

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  2. Meenakshi Aravindhan

    Nice Raji, good to see you and Vidya and kids. Looks like u guys had loads of fun.

    Is the boy next to Vidya is Vyas? Missed to meet her in the last India trip:(

  3. Yes. It is Vyas. Next time you come to India, inform earlier and we can plan a trip. 🙂

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