It’s Hindi’s turn

My little laddu boy Ilam, is a self learner. People who have interacted with him, will vouch for me.

After English and Tamil, now he is into (self) learning Hindi. Few extracts from his rough note. I don’t know ‘abc’ of the language, and so don’t understand anything of what he had written, but, i think, he is right.

The only problem is, it will take a longer time for him to learn Hindi, as he will miss the spoken form.  Since, i don’t know the language, he will take time to pick up fluency. I am sure he can / will pick up spoken form, by conversing with his sisters. Blessing of having siblings. 🙂


One response to “It’s Hindi’s turn

  1. Meenakshi Aravindhan

    Super Ilam, you are ‘gifted and talented’.

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