The art of questioning ?

Me and my kids discuss on various topics under the sky and there will always be umpteen question asked, until they are convinced with my answers. I have to listen to all three of them in parallel and answer them.  My son tops the list. He will ensure that i answer him first and then to his sisters. The only time i stop them from questioning is, when i don’t know the answer. 😉 Narrating one such incident.

Sunday, my elder daughter was writing a homework about historical temples. My son has the habit of sitting besides his sisters, while they do their homework. He silently learns a lot of 5th and 7th std portions, and when i teach them some concepts, he will catch it quick and answer me, thus keeping his sisters under pressure. 🙂

Now coming back to his question from historical temples.

Ilam : Ma, What is B.C? Akka is writing about a temple that is build in 300 B.C. What does B.C. mean?

Me : (without thinking about the series of questions that would come up)  : B.C. stands for ‘Before Christ’.

Ilam : That means?

Oviya interrupts : Before Jesus Christ was born.

Ilam : Who is Jesus Christ?

Oviya : God.

Ilam : That means? Who / What is God?

Me (interrupts quickly, knowing where the conversation is tending) : Oh.. Stop Oviya. We can’t explain in that direction. I will answer him.

Ilam, Before Christ is ancient times in history. We are in 2016 now. 300 B.C are all olden days.

Ilam : Why it is called B.C? And not as A.B or C.D? How many B.C years are there? Who named it as B.C.? Why don’t you explain in a way, I can understand?

Me (knowing i can’t give a convincing answer) : Ok dear. Give me a day time. I will study and then explain in the way, you can understand.

Mind voice : Why didn’t I ask these many questions, when I was a kid. Even now, we hesitate to ask questions. I think that is a childhood habit. As a child, I can’t ask these to my mom, as she will only say, “I don’t know. Read it from your books”.

I am happy that my kids ask questions until they get a convincing answer.

Then, i spent some time, reading on timelines in history, ancient timelines and finally settled with few links, using which i could explain to him in simple terms.

Monday night : After dinner, before it is time to sleep, sat down with my son and started explaining..

Me : Ilam, you asked about B.C right, let me explain now. B.C., is also known as B.C.E, and it stands for “Before Common Era”

Ilam : Wait ma. (runs to his sisters and brings them to join my explanation). You said something else yesterday. About God and all.

Me : Leave that. Now i will explain to you with links.

Ilam : “Common Era” means.

Me : You take it as “Common Years”. The negative years are Before Common years and now we are in common years. Had to explain / show some events in Before Common Era and now in Common Era too.

Ilam : Ok. (Looks at the future years links). How many future years are there?

Me : Showed few events about eclipses that would occur in future and about planned games and so on.

Ilam : There are ten thousand and more years. After that what will happen.

Me : Ilam, let us worry about recent past and near future. You understood B.C right. Far future times, we can discuss in detail, some other day. Is that fine.

Ilam : Yes Ma. (looked convinced). Love you Amma. (He often says that)

Me : Love you dear. (Feeling Relieved) One topic over. What is in store next? It is a challenge everyday to keep him engaged and occupied. So far, going good. 🙂



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