Europe Trip – Part 3 – Italy – Venice

Next to Paris & Switzerland, Italy is the neighboring country that will be in any European trip itinerary. And, we didn’t want to miss anything in the big country. So, one whole week was dedicated to cover 3 major places in Italy – Venice, Florence & Rome.

We actually didn’t want to leave from Switzerland. But, since our tickets were all pre-booked, we had to catch our train as planned. Swiss to Venice was a long journey with 2 halts in between.

Lucerne to Arth-Goldau

Arth to Milano

Milano to Venezia Mestre

We decided to stay in Venezia Mestre, for cost cutting. So, had to take bus from our apartment to Venice and vice versa. Again bus number 2 for both to and from journey. The bus stop (via Fiume) was just on the door steps of our apartment. We only had to walk further in search of the Tabachi shops. To know why we went in search of Tabachi shops and what we did there, read my friends blog.

Every city we visited, the first thing we did was to learn the public transport system there and the mode of transport from our hotel to places we wanted to visit and back to the hotel. We then took a route map of the whole journey and then only we set out to explore. By the time we familiarize ourselves with the transport system in a place, it would be time for us to move to another place.

So, after saving the map and route in our mobile, we went to Venice mainland. “The floating city“. We are still wondering how the houses and other structures stand still, surrounded by water. All types of vehicles, transport by water and you reach one place to other faster by water ways. There are water taxis, both government and private taxis, water ambulance, gondala boats, private boats and so on. Like how we park our cars in front of our houses, people there park their boat in front of their house. Come out of your house, get down into your boat and go wherever you want. Nice to see.

Now, a quick look into the actual itinerary.

Day 9 – 05/05/2017 : Agenda for the day was to reach Venice mainland, then enquire in the tourist office about options for the Island tour and Gondala ride and then decide what / when to do.

Swiss to Venice was a long journey and by the time we reached hotel, refreshed, found a nearby pizzeria for a quick bite and then reach main Venice, it was almost evening. On further enquiry we found out that all the major items in our list can only be covered the next day. So, decided to simply walk around the grand canal. The entire stretch was filled with lots of shops all around, tempting the tourist to buy lots of stuffs from dresses to toys to all types of souvenirs, and we were no exception. We too filled our bags with all that caught our eyes and heart and we walked till the famous rialto bridge. The night view from the bridge was awesome. We spent some time around that area and by then, everyone was tired and so, we decided to do the return journey through water taxi.


Day 10 – 06/05/2017 : The only day we had in Venice. So, not to waste a minute, the whole day was packed with all the places we wanted to visit in Venice. Got ready early and reached Venice water taxi station by 8.30 am. While 2 of us go and search for the boarding point for the island tour (we had already purchased the tickets the previous day during enquiry), 2 of us search for the nearby coffee shop for the quick muffins and coffee / hot chocolate, for our breakfast. On days, where we have to leave early for our sight seeing, these quick bites are our breakfast. All set, we started on our half day island trip at 9 am.

Island trip covers 3 island. Murano, Burano and Torcillo island.

Murano Island – famous for glass making factory. We happened to see how they made glasses and the various designs out of it. We were not allowed to take photos inside their shops. Such beautiful piece of works. You can sit the whole day and admire.

Burano Island – known for Lace making factory and uniquely, differently, brightly colored houses.

Torcello Island – known for ancient historic cathedral & a famous stone chair (Kabali chair).

The island tour ends by 2 pm and we got down at San Marco water taxi station, as that is the most happening place. After lunch, we went for the famous Gondala boat ride. The gondala boats looks beautiful. Don’t ask me anything more about the ride. 🙂  Then spent some time on St. Mark’s Square, visited the Cathedral and simply walked around for the rest of the day.

enroute to island trip


Murano island (glass making)

Burano island (color houses)

Torcello island

San Marco – St.Mark’s Square

Thus ends our Venice story.

Part 4 – Florence – to be continued…




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