The art of questioning ?

Me and my kids discuss on various topics under the sky and there will always be umpteen question asked, until they are convinced with my answers. I have to listen to all three of them in parallel and answer them.  My son tops the list. He will ensure that i answer him first and then to his sisters. The only time i stop them from questioning is, when i don’t know the answer. 😉 Narrating one such incident.

Sunday, my elder daughter was writing a homework about historical temples. My son has the habit of sitting besides his sisters, while they do their homework. He silently learns a lot of 5th and 7th std portions, and when i teach them some concepts, he will catch it quick and answer me, thus keeping his sisters under pressure. 🙂

Now coming back to his question from historical temples.

Ilam : Ma, What is B.C? Akka is writing about a temple that is build in 300 B.C. What does B.C. mean?

Me : (without thinking about the series of questions that would come up)  : B.C. stands for ‘Before Christ’.

Ilam : That means?

Oviya interrupts : Before Jesus Christ was born.

Ilam : Who is Jesus Christ?

Oviya : God.

Ilam : That means? Who / What is God?

Me (interrupts quickly, knowing where the conversation is tending) : Oh.. Stop Oviya. We can’t explain in that direction. I will answer him.

Ilam, Before Christ is ancient times in history. We are in 2016 now. 300 B.C are all olden days.

Ilam : Why it is called B.C? And not as A.B or C.D? How many B.C years are there? Who named it as B.C.? Why don’t you explain in a way, I can understand?

Me (knowing i can’t give a convincing answer) : Ok dear. Give me a day time. I will study and then explain in the way, you can understand.

Mind voice : Why didn’t I ask these many questions, when I was a kid. Even now, we hesitate to ask questions. I think that is a childhood habit. As a child, I can’t ask these to my mom, as she will only say, “I don’t know. Read it from your books”.

I am happy that my kids ask questions until they get a convincing answer.

Then, i spent some time, reading on timelines in history, ancient timelines and finally settled with few links, using which i could explain to him in simple terms.

Monday night : After dinner, before it is time to sleep, sat down with my son and started explaining..

Me : Ilam, you asked about B.C right, let me explain now. B.C., is also known as B.C.E, and it stands for “Before Common Era”

Ilam : Wait ma. (runs to his sisters and brings them to join my explanation). You said something else yesterday. About God and all.

Me : Leave that. Now i will explain to you with links.

Ilam : “Common Era” means.

Me : You take it as “Common Years”. The negative years are Before Common years and now we are in common years. Had to explain / show some events in Before Common Era and now in Common Era too.

Ilam : Ok. (Looks at the future years links). How many future years are there?

Me : Showed few events about eclipses that would occur in future and about planned games and so on.

Ilam : There are ten thousand and more years. After that what will happen.

Me : Ilam, let us worry about recent past and near future. You understood B.C right. Far future times, we can discuss in detail, some other day. Is that fine.

Ilam : Yes Ma. (looked convinced). Love you Amma. (He often says that)

Me : Love you dear. (Feeling Relieved) One topic over. What is in store next? It is a challenge everyday to keep him engaged and occupied. So far, going good. 🙂



It’s Hindi’s turn

My little laddu boy Ilam, is a self learner. People who have interacted with him, will vouch for me.

After English and Tamil, now he is into (self) learning Hindi. Few extracts from his rough note. I don’t know ‘abc’ of the language, and so don’t understand anything of what he had written, but, i think, he is right.

The only problem is, it will take a longer time for him to learn Hindi, as he will miss the spoken form.  Since, i don’t know the language, he will take time to pick up fluency. I am sure he can / will pick up spoken form, by conversing with his sisters. Blessing of having siblings. 🙂

Summer Vacation Trip 2 – To Shevaroy hills

The second trip (first trip) was during the third week of May with our magalir-mattum group. We have made many trips in the past and each one is unique and memories to cherish. Happy to have a group of like-minded friends who would put aside anything, if we plan for a trip.

We made a last-minute plan and so settled with Yercaud and booked a bus for the travel.  This time, the group was 19 members (12 kids and 7 adults). For most of our travel with kids, we will settle with a resort with indoor games, nice food, lot of open space, pool and so on.. The time is spent roaming around, taking photos, chatting, eating and playing cards.

Some more photos

It was a total fun and looking forward for more such memories. 🙂

Summer Vacation Trip1 – To the Princess of hills

Long pending post in draft. Posting it late. Better late than never. 🙂

We did 2 trips during May 2016. First one was with family to the princess of hill stations – Kodaikanal. I have been there may times. But, first time for my kids and they enjoyed it thoroughly. (Trip 2 – with friends)

The fun and fight starts from the train journey with all 3 of them wanting the same side upper berth, and any amount of consoling / convincing will not work. Finally, I lose my patience and use the last trump card, “Let us get down in the next stop and get back home. Trip cancelled”. I don’t want to say this, but they push me to that extend and they still believe i will do that, and settle down with their berth. 😉

The scenery on the way. I think, this is a major stop for refreshment, for most of the trips south of dindigul.


Day 1 :  We stayed in a hotel nearby lake and was easy to choose our sightseeing plans. We did local sight seeing covering Kurnji andavar temple, Chettiyar park, Coakers walk, Pine forest, Guna caves, Pillar rock. That one full belt – usual sight seeing belt in Kodai.

Chettiyar park

Coakers walk, Pine forest, Guna caves, Pillar rock.


Day 2 : We did the forest trip on day2, covering Berijam lake and other places on its way.

Day 3 : Checked out, put our bags in baggage counter in the hotel itself, and went around the Lake and Bryant park.

Finally, returned with loads of memory. And the fight for same side upper berth continues in the return journey too. I had to say something else to get them settled. I have become good at saying on-spot stories to convince my kids. 😉  How many ever trip we do, this fight for the same side upper berth in the train, will continue to exists. I see that as an indication of my kids being kids. Please don’t grow up my darlings. I love you all for what you are.



Welcome – academic year 2016-2017

Summer vacation is over and school reopens tomorrow. At this point, I look back to the important moments of the previous academic year. I am happy that both Oviya and Panimalar have done equally good in their respective grades.

  1. Academically – both of them are merit card holders in both the semesters.
  2. Stood 1st in inter-school drawing / painting competitions.
  3. Winner III – SIP Abacus Chennai level competition.
  4. Keyboard performance in a temple festival.
  5. 1st prize in yoga competition.
  6. 2nd prize in skating competition.

And umpteen number of projects, worksheets, assessments, models, chart work, role plays, exams and so on.

Note : My son was in Kindergarten and hasn’t started his account yet. 😉


Best wishes to my kids to put in similar effort and hard work, this academic year too. Love you kutties. 🙂


Ilam – stepping into Primary


For a 5-year-old, this timetable looks very lengthy. While all along these 3 years (preKG, LKG & UKG), he used to come home even before noon, now suddenly, he goes to full day school.

I have been trying to educate him on various things like, eating without spilling food, clean up the desk after lunch, washing his hands after using the loo, finish off poop in the morning at home, and so on..

But, our boy is doubly excited about so many other things. To list a few,

  1. He can accompany his sisters while returning from school.
  2. He has a big boy feeling, considering KG kids as tiny tots.
  3. He gets to carry his favorite back bag to school. And, lunch in a separate basket.
  4. He has 2 break period. One for snacks and one for lunch. (His first question in the morning is, what have you kept for lunch and snacks).
  5. He has separate text books and notebooks for different subjects.
  6. He can take his own new pencil box, a set of pencils, eraser, crayons and notebook.

The list goes on.. Hope the enthusiasm continues in the upcoming dozen years. 🙂


Some more arty crafty

Some of the recent artsy craftsy by my girls.

Paper quilling chain and earring sets. (Some of them gifted away :)).

Paper quill dolls

Paper mache crafts. Raw newspaper was soaked in water, made into shapes, dried and then painted.

First one is a cot, bed, quilt with 2 sets of pillows. Second one is a pair of sofa.

Some drawings

Ice cream stick pencil stand

Kathakali crown