Art work using Thermocol

It has been a long time since i updated the blog. Without my kids i didn’t have much updates. Kids have returned home almost after a month and am enjoying my time with them. They have some more holidays and they are ready to be at my mom’s place, but it was a long gap for me and brought them back home.

Now coming to this post, yesterday i was browsing through my friends blog and came to know of this contest that is going on. I thought i could have Oviya do something for this and came up with the following in the short one day’s time that was left.

So this is our entry for the Artsy Craftsy challenge.

Oviya has the habit of collecting small objects and things and the packing material thermocol is her most favorite. She will scrap the thermocol and collect the small balls from it. So i thought we could colour such balls that she has and use it in a drawing. Then struck an idea and went to the nearby fancy shop and i was able to get the colorful thermocol balls. I also bought a fevicol tube and went home. I called both my kids (Oviya and Panimalar) and said i am going to give them some art activity. Both of them were interested at my idea and were very eager on what i am going to tell them.  I gave them the packet of thermocol balls and asked them to segregate the different colors. Both of them did that job patiently till the last ball.

Then i gave them the outline of the flowers (sunflower and lotus) and asked them to past the balls using fevicol. I gave 2 pictures one for each kid. But the younger one panimalar (3.4 years) was not able to do the sticking work. So, Oviya (5 years) completed both the pictures herself.

The outline chart:

And then the finished products as follows. It took Oviya around 30 minutes to complete each picture.

The end product for the contest (Thermocol ball flowers)

Everyone at home were surprised at her work. I was happy that she was able to stick to the outline and not deviate from it. Good work Oviya.


6 responses to “Art work using Thermocol

  1. Super.. and amazing that oviya did it. Hats off to her.

  2. Beautiful 🙂 I’m adding them now .. Welcome to the artsy-craftsy family !

  3. Lovely work by Oviya Raji! She seems to have done it patiently!

  4. Hey! U won. Stop by 🙂

  5. That is superb work by your kids
    I have a young daughter who loves to craft too.

  6. that is superb my son loves handmade toys which was done by his friends n by him

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